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Interview with Tacton CEO Frederic Laziou

You can find more information about Tacton at www.Tacton.com . Novus CPQ offers the "CPQ Provider Series" Fact Sheet and the Visual & Virtual CPQ Research Report for more information about Tacton. Note: Tacton recently received the 2017 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership  

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To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail

This Mark Twain quote is great and also applies when you are about to select a new Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) tool. Here is how it applies: If you (as a CPQ Seller or in some rare cases also the Buyer) are familiar and interested in one specific CPQ Solution then that is the solution that can [...]

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Know before you go! Advise for CPQ Transformation Projects

Before a CPQ Transformation Project starts I suggest to (almost) all customers (some exceptions below) to spend at least some time to determine where they stand in regards to Organizational Readiness and to determine The complexity of their CPQ Requirements This is important for two reasons To ensure the customer is fully prepared at the [...]

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Impressions from Apttus Accelerate 2017

This year the Apttus Accelerate event was at Pier 48 in San Francisco, CA (right next door to the Giants Baseball Stadium) and with 3500 attendees it was definitely considerably bigger than the last one I attended two years ago. I arrived Wednesday and on Thursday I participated in the panel discussion “Why Omni-Channel Should [...]

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Sales Transformation – Easier said than done!

A full-blown Sales Transformation typically requires a large commitment from your company due to the time, effort, and cost involved in the Transformation. My Definition: A Sales Transformation should improve a company’s sales performance via all Routes-to-Market (Sales Team, Channel Partner, your ecommerce website) by Increasing Sales and Sales Effectiveness Reducing the time required for [...]

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By Lars Hoegsted | HoegEye (www.hoegeye.com) The term Configure-Price-Quote describes the interactions that take place when selling customized products and services. Processes around configurable products are special because the product is never produced before the actual purchase. The product never exists as such; it is just a blueprint – a DNA – for billions of [...]

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CPQ in 10 minutes or less

If you are new to Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Software it may be good to know that it is fairly common that people are unclear about what CPQ actually does. I typically earn blank stares when I say what I do without providing some examples. Therefore let’s start with some examples that show where CPQ Software is [...]

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How to Manage Pricing and Gain Profits

Guest Blog from Blackcurve (Moira McCormick) The fastest and most effective way for a company to realise its maximum profit is to get its pricing right. The right price can boost profits far quicker than increasing sales volume; the wrong price can shrink profits just as quickly. It can be a natural instinct to shy [...]

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A Picture is worth a thousand words

This saying is also true for Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) tools! While we obviously don’t require a picture for every product that we buy (e.g. Software, Services), it is challenging to buy many products without some form of visualization (e.g. picture, 2D drawing, 3D model). One obvious example is a car or motorcycle. As online customers we [...]

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CPQ Outlook 2017

This time of year provides a good opportunity to take a moment and think about where the CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) and Quote-to-Cash market is and where it may go over the coming calendar year. Here are my expectations for 2017: 1.   CRM Platforms (e.g. Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle) will become even more influential for [...]

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