We are excited to announce the CPQ Leadership Series. This set of documents features thoughts from executive leaders (CEO, Founder and other C-level executives) of successful Configure/Price/Quote (CPQ) Software Vendors. Every leader answers the same questions which come from three different areas

  1. Personal questions like favorite books, people they admire etc.
  2. Questions about their own Company and
  3. Questions about the CPQ Industry

The first published documents are from:

  • Endeavor CPQ (Sean Myers, CEO)
  • Tacton Systems AB (Christer Wallberg, CEO)
  • Verenia (Victorio Pellicano, CEO)

We will release many more documents from companies of all sizes in the coming weeks. Be sure to visit to  http://www.novuscpq.com/resources/cpq-leadership-series/ regularly. We are proud to be able to offer these documents because we are determined to provide our clients with the best possible Configure-Price-Quote information and advise in the market.  The CPQ Leadership Series provides you an opportunity to learn from various senior CPQ executives.

We reviewed various formats like podcasts, Data Sheets etc. and decided on this format because it enables everyone with a busy schedule to read the responses quickly and easily.